Can I have the urn engraved? How many words ?

Yes, the urns can be engraved with the wording of your choice. The number of words is dependent on the size of the flat area. Contact us to help you choose an urn that meets your needs.

Are the urns easy to fill?

Our urns are extremely simple to fill. Each urn comes with a free mini funnel to assist with filling the urn.

What size portion of the ashes can I expect to fit in the urn?  

Approximately 1/2 tea spoon

Can I shower with the urn ?

Absolutely, providing you follow the enclosed directions to seal the urn properly.

I prefer a larger chain. Can I order a larger bail to accommodate a larger chain ? 


I have something very specific in mind for what I want to order. Do you do custom work ?

Yes. If you can imagine  it, we can design and manufacture any  three dimensional piece.

I was very happy with the product and service I received from your company. I’d like to order a jewelry piece that is not an urn. Can you help?

Yes, we’ve been manufacturing gold and diamond jewelry for 40 years. Please give us a call and we will help you find the piece of your dreams.